Are Brainy Baby DVDs Making Infants Smarter?


Alexis May

The Brainy Baby DVD’s appear to be one of the most well-known educational programs for infants. Brainy Baby has many different DVD packages geared toward different ages and they even have their own store. The product I found most interesting was the Brainy Baby DVD Early Learning Discovery Collection Sparking Your Child’s Curiosity. This DVD set claims to enhance full brain development to help make learning connections faster. The first DVD encourages the left side of the brain’s development with its use of classical music, logic, numbers, letters, and sequences. The second DVD claims to encourage right side of the brain development by exposing the children to certain images and activities to stimulate creativity. The third DVD is labeled Peek-a-Boo and its goal is to introduce object permanence, communication, and language. The last DVD is full of matching games and music. This DVD set is geared toward infants and toddlers and each DVD is about 45 minutes in length. This product interested me because of the controversy surrounding infant development and television use. Infants now days have increased exposure to technology and many technological products have been invented which claim to help infant and toddler development. I believe that it is important to know more about the effects that television exposure has on infants.

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Infants learning experiences are very important in their cognitive development. Infants can learn through observation, playing, and encounters with others. Playing and interacting is very important in infant’s language and cognitive development. Infants tend to copy what their caregiver says to them and these interactions help with their overall development. The Brainy Baby DVD set claims to help infants with development through repetition and interactions with the infant. These interactions however are not face to face and are instead virtual. They also claim to help infants with certain milestones in their lives such as developing object permanence, developing their basic language skills, and helping them with communication. These claims however have not been proven to be successful in their application of enhancing development in infants (How Do Infants Learn?).


The article Should Babies Be Watching Television and DVDs? further explores different research claims and findings regarding this topic. Many parents have been convinced that educational DVD programs for babies are beneficial in their development even though the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children under the age of two should avoid watching television. This article reviewed many different studies that have been conducted. It concluded that many infants are watching and using technology regardless of policy statements discouraging it. It also concluded that there is a lot of converging evidence on this topic. There is not enough scientific evidence to determine if infants should or should not be watching television. American society is very technologically advanced and technology is used in everyday life and infants can learn from screen media like other experiences in their lives that they learn from.


In conclusion, the article that I found had converging evidence that lead to no specific conclusion. The advertisement claims to enhance infants learning and development by activating certain portions of their brain. This may be true and there is evidence to support that infants learn through observation and can successfully imitate certain behaviors that they learn on television. It has also been shown that parental interaction with a child while watching television has increased infant learning. There is also evidence supporting infant’s real-world interactions increase learning as opposed to video interactions. More research needs to be conducted to fully understand if infants use of television and other technologies is detrimental to their development. The Brainy Baby DVDs aim to help development in infants even though there is not enough evidence to support it. I believe that it is important to limit infant’s exposure to television and DVDs until further evidence is gathered proving the affect television has on infant development.





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One thought on “Are Brainy Baby DVDs Making Infants Smarter?

  1. I also wrote about educational DVDs! I wrote about the Baby Einstein DVD and how it helps with language development. It was nice to read from a different point of view as you mentioned in the conclusion. I partially agree as well, since human interaction is the best for infant development. but we might need a hint of tech here and there in the future. Irene Kim u1000030


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