Sleep Sheep: White Noise and the Toy that benefit infants.

By: Ashland Davis: u0888068


The product that I chose to research is Sleep Sheep, it was developed to aide in the soothing, comfort, and sleep of infants. I chose this product because I had a similar toy as a baby and I am told that it was my favorite. White noise has been said to improve ability for infants to fall asleep quickly and stay sound asleep throughout the night. After looking at several articles, reading about babies and white noise I agree with those who state that it is beneficial for the child.

I decided this was what I wanted to focus on because I had a similar product as a child and my mom told me about my experience with a similar product. I had a lullaby bear and my mom said it was a “complete lifesaver”. My pediatrician John Bennett, who still practices in Spanish Fork, Utah, recommended the toy to my mother and explained the many advantages and benefits that I started to see for myself as I started my research for this assignment. Personally, this was the most important reference I could’ve found, to read about someones opinion is one thing, but to have someone so close to me have experienced the benefits with a similar product made me decide this was the product and research that I wanted to focus on. The Sleep Sheep looks just like any other stuffed animal toy but it has a speaker within the toy that features 8 different sounds; mothers heartbeat, rain/waterfall/ocean, etc. Another convenient feature is that it is battery operated making it an easily portable item to help mothers. It is for infants from newborn for as long as a child uses it.

The article, Why Do Babies Like to Sleep By White Noise?(1), it answers mothers questions on why babies like white noise and what can be used as white noise. The answer is as simple as this; it is what the baby is used to. We like to think of the womb as a quiet peaceful place for the baby but as research shows, that isn’t exactly true. In the 9 month period that a baby is in the womb it hears noises that can be seen as “chaotic” to them. The noises of blood rushing through the mothers veins and arteries, mothers heartbeat, her voice, cough, and other bodily noises. They can even hear voices and noises on the outside of the womb which as briefly stated in Development in Infancy.(2) ” During the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus can hear and habituate to sounds outside of the uterus, including mothers heartbeat, her voice, and loud sounds such as a car horn honking.” (106). In addition to these 2 sources, I found another article I really found applicable that states the mothers womb is slightly less as loud as a lawn mower. The article is called Why Babies Love White Noise(3) and adds to the information I had already found. It adds 6 reasons of the benefits of white noise that bring together all the other findings I gathered; white noise creates a safe space and reduces stress, white noise helps babies sleep, helps babies cry less, reduces the risk of SIDS, helps the parent sleep, and easy to wean a child off of it.

In conclusion to all my research and reading, I believe that there is more than enough proof and supporting facts to say that this toy is beneficial to an infant in multiple ways. The white noise is something a baby is familiar with from the womb and it has become soothing to them which is then put into a stuffed toy that they enjoy having around. The features calm and relax a child leading them to fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night, which leads to the parents being able to get a good, and well deserved, nights rest to be ready for the next day to care for a child in a less stressed and well rested state.




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One thought on “Sleep Sheep: White Noise and the Toy that benefit infants.

  1. Brooke Cherry

    I think it is interesting on how we choose a topic based on our familiarity of our own childhood. I did the same thing!
    This toy is one I would potentially get my own kids. The White Noise seems to sooth them by the familiarity of the mother’s womb. I presume this helps with sleep aid too.


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